Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip

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The Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip sets the standard in side-grip vibratory pile drivers, with an impressive combination of power, versatility and speed. Designed for deep foundation construction work, the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip is one of the most versatile excavator-mounted vibratory pile drivers available.

It has 360 degree rotation for extreme manoeuvrability and precise handling, driving and extraction with all types of piles in a wide variety of applications. This is made possible by several technologies, including Quick-Change; Gilbert’s exclusive system that offers maximum versatility, allowing you to handle all types of piles with just one attachment.

The patented removable side jaws allow you to quickly change between sheet piling/H-beams to pipes or timber piles in no time. 3PAS technology offers a unique three-point grip configuration, which gives the Gilbert Grizzly MultiGrip a higher maximum holding force and ensures optimal energy transfer from the vibrating unit to the pile, resulting in faster and more efficient driving. Lastly, thanks to its Power Drive technology, the pile is directly in contact with the vibrating unit of the vibro, meaning there is no energy loss.

Able to be installed on any excavator, this vibratory pile driver allows you to work in confined spaces where conventional piling equipment is unable to be used. An intuitive control and assistance system let the operator achieve maximum potential productivity, increasing your excavator’s profitability and reducing your operating expenses.


  • Efficiently drives sheet piles, H-beams, and pipe
  • MultiGrip allows you to drive different styles of pile in different ways, e.g. side-grip and top-grip
  • Side grip especially useful for driving tall piles
  • Increased mobility and flexibility when compared to traditional hammer and crane setups
  • 360° continuous heavy-duty rotation
  • 40° tilt system
  • Removable Quick-Change jaw system allows you to change from driving sheet to driving pipe in as little as 5 minutes
  • 3PAS technology for a higher maximum holding force and optimal energy transfer, for more efficient driving
  • Power Drive system prevents energy loss and accelerates the driving pile process
  • Sturdy frame built with high quality STRENX steel: lighter and tougher
  • Built for workers’ safety
  • Control and Assistance System with operator profiles for data logging and operation tracking with an in-cab 7″ touch screen
  • Semi-Automatic Steering System
  • Adjustable Frequency Option allows the driver to change the frequency between 2,000 and 2,800 RPM

Standard Specification

Excavator Class (Tons) 22-30 30-45
Frequency (RPM) 2800 2800
Centrifugal Force (kN/Tons) 588 / 60 883 / 90
Eccentric moment (kgm/in-lbs) 6,78 / 538 9,33 / 810
Oil Flow (L/min / GPM) 170 / 45 227 / 60
Maximum Pressure Settings (bar/PSI) 310 / 4500 310 / 4500
Amplitude – max. (mm/inch) 9 / 0,35 10,5 / 0,41
Net Weight (kg/Lbs) 2549 / 5620 3275 / 7220
Number of Eccentrics 2 4
Height (mm/Inches) 2108 / 83 2337 / 92
Rotation / Tilt Angle (Degrees) 360 / 40 360 / 40