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Mabey Australia has all the essential equipment needed to maintain safety and compliance on job sites. 

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance efficiency and remove hazards on your next construction project, our trench shoring accessories are designed to improve worksite safety and accessibility.

It can be easy to overlook minor details when you’re focused on installing large equipment, but smaller add-ons can make a big difference to your productivity. 

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Whether you want a trench ladder platform for ease of access, a davit arm for personnel safety entry and exit and raising and lowering loads, a trench rail handrail to reduce fall risks, or another type of accessory, we can provide everything you need.

All Mabey Australia trench accessories are compatible with our trench shoring solutions and bracing systems. 

Find the perfect accessory for your next project.


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Mabey Australia helps civil construction and infrastructure customers deliver projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Accessories for Every Project

Want to make getting in and out of your trenches easier and safer?

We can help you find the perfect trench ladder platform for every excavation. Our Laddermate trench ladders and entry point platforms are conveniently designed to connect directly to our trench shields and feature a cantilevered platform.

Rated up to 500kg SWG and designed to support up 4m long ladder access, every Mabey Australia trench box laddermate is reliably strong. Lightweight yet sturdy, they’re easy to install and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

In addition to laddermates, our range of trench accessories also includes handrails. Easy fit adjustable feet on the railings securely fasten to all Mabey Hire trench shield systems, ensuring compatibility. Offering trench fall arrest and edge protection, they’re available for hire in 2.4m and 4.0m lengths. With a trench box handrail, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve made your worksite as safe as possible.

If you’re looking to make confined space entry and retrieval easier, a Mabey Australia Davit Arm is an essential accessory. With fixed width sizes for maximum strength and minimal damage, they can be pinned to shields for quick installation. Available in sizes from 600mm to 4000mm (Ultra Shields) and 600mm to 6000mm (Versa and Heavy Duty Shields), our Mabey Hire davit arm options are suitable for a variety of jobs.

For expert advice on what accessories you need to make your job easier, contact Mabey Australia today.