When you’re undertaking excavation work, you can rely on a trench ladder like the Laddermate to keep you safe. Trench excavation safety is the highest of importance, which is why you need the highest quality of gear when undertaking work below ground. With equipment you can trust, you get on with the task at hand.

Each of our products is expertly designed by our team of engineers to ensure your work is delivered efficiently and safely. Our modular bridging and temporary work solutions are trusted and used across Australia and around the world.

The Mabey Laddermate system is readily available to hire, and conveniently connects directly to our range of trench shields. We also carry a range of additional products designed to work with the trench shield system to improve trench excavation access and egress. These products are a must for undertaking trench work across the road, rail, utilities and construction industries.

Mabey Trench Box Ladder

Using a Mabey trench box ladder to shore your trench excavation is an important step in delivering a safe work environment. Mabey also offers a range of products designed to work with the trench shield system to improve trench access and safety. These include:

  • Davit arms
  • Handrails
  • Laddermates
  • Lifting chains

Each component of the system can be effortlessly assembled and fitted to ensure you experience minimum fuss and maximum productivity on your worksite. For trench work concerning water, sewer, or utilities, the Mabey Laddermate system is an essential component.

  • Safer excavation access and egress
  • Lightweight cantilevered platform designed for use on all of our trench shield systems
  • Supports up to 4m long ladder access (ladder not supplied)
  • Rated to 500kg Safe Working Load (SWL).

Max Ladder length (m)  Safe Working Load (kg)
4 500 
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