Heavy Duty Steel Trench Shields 

Bring the strongest steel shoring systems to your worksite with Mabey’s steel trench shields.

Our heavy-duty steel shields have been built for a huge range of applications in the toughest ground conditions. 

They’ve also been expertly designed to give you maximum internal working clearances – giving your workers more space to do their job. Regardless of the size of the project, you can rely on our durable trench shoring solutions.

A steel trench box may sound like a standard asset, but it can add so much value. Choosing the right steel shoring can assist in getting jobs completed quicker and keeping your workers safer.

Knowing this, we’ve sourced some of the strongest steel trench shields available in the industry. Our new steel trench shoring is stronger and lighter than most other competitors – making it more reliable, and easier to put into position.

When we say heavy-duty, we mean it. That’s why we’ve reinforced the top and side rails of the steel trench box. By engineering it this way, it has become highly resilient to hard knocks and incredibly strong forces. 

Our steel trench shields have even been rated to withstand pressures up to 100kPa.

  • Available in panel lengths up to 6.0m
  • Rated to withstand up to 100kPa
  • Up to 2.4m under strut clearance with high-clear configuration
  • Up to 6.0m internal working widths
  • Heavy-duty hard-wearing knife edge on lower panels for quicker installation
  • Reinforced double top and side rails for extra durability
  • Internal stacking pockets remove lateral movement on stacked steel trench shields.

If you’re looking for the toughest steel shoring systems for your next project, Mabey Australia can help. 

Learn how you can hire our steel trench shields by contacting us online or by calling us on 1800 622 394 today.

Panel Type Panel Length (mm) Panel Height (mm) Panel Width (mm) Clearance Length (mm – Strut to Strut) Min Width (mm) Max Width (mm) Understrut Clearance (mm) Safe Working Load (kPa) Weight -incl 1m strut (kg)
Manhole Base  2400 2400 104 2100 1500 4000 1220 103 2540
Lower  4000  2400 104 3370 600 6000 1500 88 3030
Extension  4000 2000 104 3370 600 6000 1040 100 2720
Lower*  5000 2400 104 4370 600 6000 1498 60 3586
Extension*  5000 2000 104 4370 600 6000 1041 61 3139
Lower 6000 2400 155 5370 600 6000
1625 60 4630
Lower 6000 2000 155 5370 600 6000 1040 62 4140
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Mabey Heavy Duty Steel Trench Shields Guide Download

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