Colongra Power Station - Snowy Hydro


Australian infrastructure company, Ertech, was contracted by Snowy Hydro to demolish the decommissioned Munmorah Power Station. Munmorah was accessed via a bridge at neighbouring Colongra Power Station. However, the bridge was unable to safely support heavy vehicles. Structural repairs to the access-critical bridge would have presented risks to safety and the project timeline and budget. A temporary bridge that could support heavy vehicle access was critical to the successful completion of the demolition of Munmorah. 


A new temporary bridge – the Mabey Compact 200™ (C200™) – provided Ertech with the perfect solution. A 15 metre, pre-fabricated bridge was assembled on site in just four hours and installed ready for live traffic within four days by a team of seven people.

The bridge was 4.2 metres wide, configured to provide safe crossing for a B-Double truck and construction equipment. A B-Double Truck is a prime mover train that pulls two semi-trailers linked by a fifth wheel, and can be up to 26 metres long.  

With standard, interchangeable components, modular steel bridges are installed significantly faster than alternatives and bear the weight of the largest vehicles and equipment. Steel is lower in cost compared with concrete, and the environmental impact is also reduced with high levels of recycled material incorporated into the steel and substructure works minimised due to the longer span capability of the bridge.  


Engineering Services

Snowy Hydro,
New South Wales


Mabey’s solution provided a temporary bridge that allowed for rapid deployment and operation, enabling Ertech to respond to the dynamic conditions of the site and their client’s requirements. Within half the time expected by Ertech, Mabey was able to provide an efficient and safe “off the shelf” solution to provide access for heavy vehicles. Mabey removed the inherent risks associated with undertaking structural repairs to an existing, access-critical bridge enabling Ertech to complete the Munmorah demolition more quickly, safely and efficiently.


Mabey provided prompt and timely response to project requirements, in confirming the structural capacity of the solution, as operating conditions were further defined.

Jon Williams
NSW, Ertech Operations Manager