Fuel Tank Shoring Solution Gold Coast


Based on the preliminary soil investigation, the construction site had a very loose sand profile from the surface up to -4.5m below ground plus potential groundwater ingress. Benching had been ruled out by the customer due to limited working space. 

The customer insisted that the integrity and stability of surrounding existing structures (roads and temporary shed) should be maintained, against high lateral earth pressure and surcharge of a 60 tonne excavator.


Mabey’s solution was a Supershaft Brace combined with double mechanical bracing struts to prevent excessive deflection of the long span. 

Multi-Brace were used on the shorter sides to reduce hire rate as well as the equipment total weight for transport. Double cross struts were installed without interfering with the two tanks drop-in process. The sheets where embedded sufficiently using our Mabey EMV 450.


With Mabey’s Engineering and customer support, the customer successfully completed the installation of the tanks and the removal of shoring in a quick, safe, and cost-effective manner.

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