Groote Eylandt Levee Wall Project


Mabey Australia was approached by mining major Sth 32 Gemco to provide over 1000 tonnes of sheet pile to construct a 1.6km levee wall for their operation on Groote Eylandt. The supply criteria presented a very tight timeline for delivery, particularly through the December/January festive period.  


Utilising locally held stocks as well as working with our Mill supply partners overseas, Mabey’s logistics team was able to devise a cutting and loading plan coupled with optimal road freight and shipping schedules to meet the supply timeline. The sheet pile arrival into Darwin had to consistently align with the barge timetable for delivery over to Groote Eylandt.


The official order was received in November, with all 2,224 sheet piles delivered by mid-January. 

Highly regarded and experienced sheet pile contractor Mick Newport Contracting were tasked by Sth 32 to install the sheet piles and despite numerous challenges and setbacks were able to adhere to the prescribed schedule and finish the task within the nominated completion date. The overall tolerances of the sheet piles over the 1.6km were exceptional.

The final sheet pile was driven in April, meeting the project timeline to the satisfaction of the client, and providing a seamless outcome for all involved.

Civil Construction

Temporary Groundworks

Groote Eylandt,
Northern Territory