Mulgoa Launch and Receive Pit Solution


Mabey was approached by McConnell Dowell to advise on the design and installation of 2 x Launch Pits and 2 x Receive Pits running parallel to heritage listed tennis courts and an operational train line. 

The Receive Pits were built at 10.6m x 4m and 4.4m deep. 

The Launch Pits were built at 6m x 3.8m x 4m deep. All High Clears constructed prior by staff at Mabey Hire.


As required by the customer, Mabey proposed the design for the Launch and Receive Pits in accordance with the boring dimensions and certain restrictions that were imposed by local council.

The Receive Pits were designed using Steel Shoring and High Clears due to the ground conditions being near the river.


Launch and receive pits to be installed parallel to tennis courts and railway line. 

The ground profile on site – loose fine sands, clay and potentially a high-water table due to its proximity to the Nepean River.

Launch & Receive Pit

Safety Equipment

Temporary Groundworks

Shoring Equipment
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New South Wales