Northcote Pedestrian Bridge Road Works


This project required rated road covering for a trench which had a high traffic volume during the day. Works could only continue at night. 

The customer was after a product which could be installed quickly and removed quickly at night. The customer was using a smaller machine and required a lightweight solution.


Spoke with our Engineering Services Department and advised we were wanting to use our C200 Temporary Bridge Decking. 

Mabey Engineering came back with drawings and specifications on how to achieve the customer’s requirements.


Along with the engineering design we supplied 8 x C200 Temporary Bridge Decking and lifting hooks for this project. 

The customer could install and remove decking in a short time frame using a small machine. This product sat flush with the road surface unlike a steel plate which sits on top of the road surface. 

The client was impressed with the product and service given by Mabey Hire and will recommend this solution and product for future projects.

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