Bridging Solution for Tonebridge


Not far from the edge of the 56,000-hectare Tone-Perup Nature Reserve in the south west of Western Australia, sits a decaying, de-rated rural timber bridge. Located in Tonebridge, approximately 266kms from Perth.

It provides an essential river crossing for remote communities, including up to 100 cars a day, in addition to heavy vehicles. A 30-minute detour for light vehicles and an even more significant detour for heavy vehicles would result from the bridge being unavailable.  

Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) needed to replace the bridge to ensure the ongoing and safe provision of this vital infrastructure. However, it was also critical that vehicles would be able to continue to cross the river during the replacement works. Construction activity at the site was made more challenging due to a restricted work zone to protect a rare orchard present at the site.


Mabey provided MRWA with a temporary bridge while they replaced the permanent bridge. The temporary bridge was a single span, 40m, extra-wide single lane, Compact 200™ (C200™) bridge system.  

Despite the small work zone, the bridge was assembled on site within three days, installed in an hour, and bridge decking was added during another 1.5 days. MRWA elected to engage one of Mabey’s bridge experts to oversee the assembly and support the small contracted delivery team. This provided MRWA with increased confidence and efficiency to complete the installation.

Initially, MRWA planned to hire the temporary bridge from Mabey for the duration of the works. However, impressed by the temporary bridge’s 

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rapid, safe installation, flexible design, ease of transportation, and minimal maintenance requirements, MRWA ultimately chose to purchase the bridge to utilise for future emergency bridging. 


Mabey’s trusted service, and innovative, safe and cost effective C200™ bridge, provided MRWA with a temporary bridge solution while they replaced the permanent bridge at Tonebridge, Western Australia. The large, unsupported spans achieved with the C200™ meant no additional pier support was required across the waterway, minimising MRWA’s environmental footprint for the duration of the project.

Mabey delivered a rapid and reliable temporary bridge that provided a safe river crossing for the community while the new permanent bridge was constructed. Also, by separating traffic from the workers and construction, the new permanent bridge was constructed more safely and efficiently.